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The Girl

The name is Anna but I’m known as BB, or the Smutmeister. I’m 25 and I’m Agoraphobic and have been for seven years. I live with my sister and mother. I have a dog-named Sam who is as crazy as me.I have waist length red hair and at only 4’11 I’m something of a short stop. My sister calls me a ompa lumpa or a midget I don’t mind I like my height. I’m as crazy as a box of frogs and my LJ shows that. I’m a total fan girl when it comes to my fandoms; I’m also a huge geek.
I’m a fanfic writer and am obsessed with slash.

The Journal

My Journal is friends only at the moment all you need to do is comment and I’ll add you, make sure you comment so I know you want to be added.
Inside my Journal you’ll find daily rants and real life rambles as well as fandom post. I post Porn every Friday in something call F*ckfest Friday.
DON’T add me if you don’t like fangirls squeeling random fandom rants or slash as all these are inside.
Now with added Boysmex…

The FanGirl

At the moment I’m heavily into Bandom slash but my other fandom’s include Merlin - Doctor Who-Torchwood - Top Gear- Death Note - J2 RPS - CSI New York - House - Gossip Girl - Life On Mars - Ben 10 - NCIS - The IT Crowd - Sarah Jane Adventures - Spooks - The Mighty Boosh.

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80's music, absinthe, adam siska, agatha christie, alice in wonderland, andrew hurley, andy hurley, animal rights, arsenal fc, bandom, bandom slash, bandslash, barack obama, bbc, ben 10, bisexuality, blink 182, bloo, bob bryar, boy touching, brendon urie, broadway, c.s. lewis, caleb followill, channel 4, cinema bizarre, clyde langer, cobra starship, david bowie, david tennant, doctor who, douglas adams, dresden dolls, erotica, fall out boy, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fangirling, fetish, final fantasy, flowers in the attic, fob, football, foster's_home_for_imaginary_friends, frank iero, frank/gerard, gabe saporta, gay erotica, gay porn, gay rights, geeks, gene hunt, ghost stories, ghostbusters, ghosts, gorillaz, gossip girl, hairspray, hauntings, high school musical, history, holby city, homoerotic fiction, i.t crowd, internet, ipods, jack/ianto, james may, japanese movies, japanimation, jensen ackles, jeremy clarkson, john simm, jon stewart, jonas brothers, jwalk, leonard/sheldon, life on mars, literature, little shop of horrors, long hair, luke smith, luke/clyde, mark owen, men in make-up, merlin bbc, merlin/arthur, midsomer murders, mike fielding, mp3s, murder, music, my chemical romance, mystery, naboo, nc-17, ncis, neil gaiman, noel fielding, nudity, old movies, oscar wilde, panic at the disco, patrick stump, patrick x pete, philip glenister, piercings, playboy, poirot, political slash, porn, pornography, pornstars, pretty boys kissing, priest!kink, priests, qi, richard ayoade, richard hammond, rps, russell brand, sarah jane adventures, sci fi, scissor sisters, sewing, sexual expression, silent hill, slash, smut, stephen king, take that, the academy is..., the big bang theory, the cab, the dresden dolls, the goonies, the it crowd, the kings of leon, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the stig, thunderbirds, tokio hotel, tony/gibbs, top gear, torchwood, william beckett, writing, zooey deschanel
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